J A N U A R Y  19 

Clubhouse 5 - Doors Open at 6:00 & Band Plays at 7:00
"Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute"

We've booked the Nations BEST
Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute Band
just for you for our Third Saturday Dance Party!!!

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Photos courtesy of Pam Ellerman and Frank Yturralde

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The Third Saturday Baby Boomer Dance Party in December was a great success and members loved all the free food and photos with Santa.  The dance floor was full of happy smiling people dancing away the night to the sounds of The Petty Breakers.  The next Third Saturday Dance will feature Southbound & Company's "Born on the Bayou", the nations #1 Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute band. The four member band will transport us back in time with tunes such as "Bad Moon Rising", "Proud Mary" and "Midnight Special".  Also, don't forget that January is the first month that we try the BYOE.  A lot of club members have been asking if they can bring their own, however, GRF has a policy against serving alcohol at BYOE events. The board had to make a very hard decision and decided to close the GRF bar on a trial basis.  Other options in the future may be to have a bar only at the beginning of an event, or bring the bar back. Nothing in life is set in stone.  If a majority of members want the GRF bar back.  It will open again.  The important thing is that we all have fun together and have a great dance party!!! If you have questions or comments you can contact us at  thebabyboomersclub@gmail.com  

January 4th Club Members and their guests had a wonderful time at the First Friday Social.  The theme of the evening was positive affirmations and goals. The First Friday Team made shiny affirmation cards for each table as well as positive affirmations scattered about. There was plenty of food which may be the result of the social team increasing the potluck from enough to feed 8, to enough to feed 10.  (The club also provided 12 medium sized pizzas.) Club member Mark Hochberg did an excellent job entertaining us with a Neil Diamond medley of songs.  Next there was an "out with the old, and in with the new" gift exchange where members brought gifts to exchange on the "regift table". After the food, dinner music and exchange of gifts it was time to dance.  The dance floor was full of members dancing to the sounds of the Dutch of Fizz band who played dance favorites and took requests.  However, there's more. There was also a raffle!  5 lucky club members took home $20 each and 10 took home small consolation prizes.  Then it was back to more dancing. Lots of club members joined the social team in order to make a fun event for all. If you would like to help out with a First Friday Social write to us at thebabyboomersclub@gmail.com
In case you didn't know, this year will be the 50th anniversary of Woodstock!!!  I know, it's hard to believe because all of you are young at heart, body, mind and spirit. (What is age anyway, just a number.)  Heading up the Woodstock Committee this year will be club member, and now board member Diane Johanson.  Diane was chosen because of her awesome displays at the last two Woodstocks.  Her and her husband Per worked overtime creating wonderful posters, table displays and more. They even had a planned protest.  Diane has the enthusiasm to work hard and help create a wonderful Woodstock experience just for you. Amelia has agreed to be Diane's co-chair to help as needed. However, there are LOTS of openings available on the committee.  They are looking for people to serve in many different roles from advertising and ticket sales to crafts.  If you'd like to help out with Woodstock or have ideas to make the 50th Anniversary Celebration the best LAGUNA WOODSTOCK ever, write to us at: thebabyboomersclub@gmail.com
The new memberships keep coming in for 2019.  We are constantly updating our membership roles. Which means we are now at a crossing point.  We are going to start sending eBlasts to 2018 members as well as 2019 members.  During this transition you may receive more than one eBlast.  Don't be alarmed. Once we have enough people renew, we'll be switching over to the 2019 member list.  Thus, if you haven't filled out your membership list yet, you can download the form here. MEMBERSHIP FORM  You can also renew in person at any of our events.  Don't miss out on all the fun, join us as we celebrate 2019 Baby Boomer Style!  Have a friend you want to join, tell them to go to our website and download the form, or bring them to one of our events to sign up. Together we can help fill Laguna Woods, with a whole lot of Peace, Love and Music!   

January 19 – Third Saturday Dance

Baby Boomer Concert Series