The Baby Boomers Club

      of Laguna Woods Village


improving life through Friendship & Fun

2017 Membership Form

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The Baby Boomers Club of Laguna Woods Village is an all-volunteer social club established solely for the enjoyment of social activities by its members and to provide community service for the Laguna Woods Village at large. Attendees cannot hold responsible any member, director, officer, volunteer, entertainer, caterer, or the Club for any accident, loss, damage, or theft to any member or guest in the course of any activity or event sponsored or announced by The Baby Boomers Club.

Your 2017 Baby Boomers Club Board:

Gary Peterson, President
Phil Doran, Vice-President
Nadine Asner, Secretary
Deanna Mailman, CJ McLaughlin, Co- Treasurers
Judy Okonski, Event Chair
Fritze Rodic, Social Chair
Trudi Meyers, Publicity Chair
Kathy Gaskins, Web Master
Judy Holtzman, Sandra Bassler, Co-Membership Chairs
Pamela Ellermann, Co-Photography Chairs

Laguna Woods

Baby Boomers Club

24338 El Toro Rd, Suite E

P.O. Box 236

Laguna Woods, CA 92637