Your destination of choice on the first Friday of every month is now The Main Lounge at Clubhouse 7. Its spacious dance floor and wide-open stage allows us to mount an ambitious schedule of games, dances, and surprises. From Oktoberfest to Ho-Downs, everything will be bigger and better than ever. Just show up with a side dish for eight and you can party like an A-List Celebrity… even one who goes home at 9:30.

      The FFS on February 2nd is a celebration of Mardi Gras so put on your masks and beads and don’t forget your significant other because we’ll also pay homage to Valentine’s Day.

Doors open at 6 PM.

Members without a side dish will be charged $5.00.

Watch this space for a monthly previews of upcoming FIRST FRIDAY SOCIALS.

Phil Doran
Vice President