The History of the Laguna Woods 
Baby Boomers Club

     In August of 2008, Laguna Woods residents, Leslee Davis and Kathie Podliska, were hanging out at the pool, wondering why there was not a Laguna Woods club for Baby Boomers. So, they decided to start one!! They had a vision of a club that provided Boomers with a social and networking hub for entertainment, social, cultural, and educational opportunities.

     A letter was put in the Globe to see if there was any interest in forming a Baby Boomers Club. Within three weeks we had over 50 responses.

On September 15, 2008, a letter was submitted for the Baby Boomers Club to the Recreation Department, indicating our intent to form a new club. They had until December to formulate the club, elect officers and submit basic by-laws.

An advertisement for a meeting was placed in the Globe, and the first meeting was held on October 18, 2008 at Clubhouse 2, Dining Room 2. The meeting had a large turnout of interested people. Membership forms were filled out, dues were paid, and a survey was taken to determine the interest of potential members.

     This put into action what we Boomers had only dreamed of or wished for—our very first “Baby Boomers Club” in Laguna Woods.

    The first Baby Boomers Club social event was a Candlelight Wine-Tasting and Holiday Kick-Off. It was held in the art room at Clubhouse One on Saturday, November 15, 2008. We enjoyed wine and appetizers, while we met and mingled with our new Boomer friends. The Orange County Register had a reporter and photographer attend, and the club had an article in the newspaper!!

During our first few months, the club celebrated with a New Years Eve party and a Mardi Gras festival. The club hosted a bus trip to Temecula. Our first dance with a live band called “Close Enough.”

     The Club was getting Boomers together for events around and about the Village, including plays, socials, dances, and more trips. Th first board knew we were going to meet the social needs of our members for years to come.